If you don’t personally know someone, I have a candidate to recommend: Kandra Niagra, an extraordinarily creative, curious and joyous spirit who lost her home to a Texas wildfire. (Being an artist, she had the presence of mind to document the devastation; photos here.) Amazingly, her studio survived, and she is focusing on amassing materials for continuing to make the magical dolls that are her living.  Prowl around her site to see the scope and power of her work. You can purchase dolls here and find her email address if you want to send her a gift by PayPal. If you feel called to help with materials or send something, her address is PO Box 326, Smithville, TX 78957. Her suppliers of choice, if you want to send a gift certificate, are Hobby Lobby, Hancocks Fabric, Dollar Tree and Walmart.

One of my dolls made by Kandra Niagra.