The Magic Music Makes," modern medieval folk cabaret with John-Michael Albert, is at CD Baby.

Inexcusable, my collaboration with Rick Mantler, is also at CD Baby.  Two guitars, one keyboard, no sense. Forewarned is forearmed.

Astrological Info



My annual astro-overview explains the year’s big influences and gives strategies for staying sane and thriving amid them. Mp3. $25.


This innovative technique helps minimize the negative and maximize the positive of 2016‘s influences. Follow along as I lead you through Emotional Freedom Technique tapping sequences to tune you up for the journey. No prior knowledge of EFT required. You will receive a link to a private video that you can watch again and again.

Guided Visualizations

“Internal Guidance System” guided visualization expands your ability to perceive information and energy from anywhere and anyone by linking your inner and outer senses.

This visualization temporarily mutes your physical senses so they do not interfere with priming your internal guidance system to take in data from your physical environment, from other people and places, and from other times. It defuses interference from childhood memories, and then reawakens your physical senses and connects them to your internal guidance system

“I feel as though something has been turned on.”  -- Christine Agro.         mp3.  $15

“Star Pond” relaxation visualization elaborates on the Star card from the Tarot to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

“Great for when you're in the mood for a simple, soothing, and relaxing meditation with a minimum of specific direction...offers plenty of wide open sonic spaces that leave the listener feeling refreshed and renewed." -- RM, Houston, TX     mp3, $10

“Easing Transitions" guided meditation on Saturn & Uranus.                          mp3, $10.

More guided visualizations are at FortunaWorks Sounds.


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